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  1. Tips for dating Aquarius men
  2. Tips for dating Aquarius men
  3. More playful than passionate

Additionally, allow him to see your genius, your quirkiness, or everything that make you unique. A woman with a stable career and a decent head on her shoulders is what he looks for. So, how to love an Aquarius male? To catch him, play the detachment card. Give him just enough of your time to keep him intrigued — back off for a few days and then pop back into his life, showing him your wit and vitality. Make sure to give him freedom, also.

What you should talk when having a date with the Water Bearer? And, though he does love to discuss, please not involve him into any messy emotional debate. This guy, actually, frequently avoids emotions as much as possible. No matter what you are talking about, always be courteous and polite. Importantly, keep the conversation interesting and show him you enjoy his talk — you will surely get his attention.

What to expect from tips for dating Aquarius man?

Tips for dating Aquarius men

He is a thinker who values friendship beyond most men. Dating this guy, get ready to feel enlightened as his vision of the world will elevate your thoughts. Your email address will not be published. How Do Aquarius Men Love? What has he been doing that makes him leap to these conclusions immediately? Do you really want him back at all? He sounds like a mightily twisted Aqu man, and Aqu men are complicated already.

Listen if you want him back be cool, calm and collected. Also be sweet and soft in your approach to him, for example: If you are ready, you aren't ready. I have to go kiss on the cheek and leave. You see Aqu are all about being diff and breaking the moul. The sign is a person, usually a man pouring water, or a winged angel. Do you know what special about angels in this scenario? They are both genders. This means that Aqu men can be quite effeminate; this makes them paranoid and with an inner desire to prove their manhood, especially the younger ones. I'm working on the premise that he is quite young.

So to be manly, you have to be very female but not the kind of female he will resent. Can you do this?

It will get him back if you change the rules like this. I suggest wearing something casual and female, a dress, with a full skirt, something that works your figure but not slutty. Wear white if it suits your skin tone. Look natural but sexy in make up and hair; Aqu men love long dishevelled hair, pin up loosely with tendrils. OK, a warning, you might get him back but he might crush you to get him back you know?

You can't make men who love you treat you well, whatever sign they are.

Tips for dating Aquarius men

Can't Figure Him Out by: Anonymous I am an Aqu dating an Aqu for 18 months now. We live fifty miles apart we work different shifts and I still have 2 teens at home. We use to call each other everyday and he would mostly come to see me on weekends even though he was working. Girlfriend calls me up to meet up with some other g friends at a small town bar not far from where he lives. I texted him if he would like to join us. The reaction I got was crazy, like I was there to hook up with guy. I was pretty sure after all this time together how much I love him and always believe honesty and respect for each other was on the top of our list.

Sent me some not so nice text messages at first, wouldn't answer my call hardly and if he did it was very cold. He said we need to talk which we all knows what that means it has simply turned my world upside down. He says he needs some time to himself and things are getting in a rut, I kinda get the same feelings to cause I'm an Aquarius.

So when we had the talk, I chose my words carefully and ask him if he was dumping me, he said no he just needed some time. So is he just trying not to hurt me and he is interested in someone else or does he really need to sort out his feelings more? Its been a week and Ive decided not to text him or call him unless he calls me first.

What is he thinking? Aquarius acting weird lately by: I met him thru a friend at a club and we was supposed to have a one night stand but it never happened but after he left he texted me saying he liked my personality and he wanted to hang out. Ever since then me and him have went out on dates and hang out on his days off where I sleep over. Me and him had sex after a week and half of talking but he still pursued me but he has this thing where he'll disappear for a day or two and then I hit him up and he'll say oo I missed u,where u been but mind u I hit him up first for days at a time.

Things to Know about Dating Aquarius Man

Now he was talking about all the stuff he want us to do and everything and I've met his mom already then one night I slept over he asked me where we stand and I said idk I figured u were talking to other girls so I never questioned it and we been talking for like two months he was like I consider u my gf so I said let's make it official then he completely switched up and said na let's wait for the right time I said cool. This happened two weeks ago, since then he's been putting his phone in front of me, hitting me up all the time saying imiss you, I'm really feeling u what do u think about me so I figured we're making progress.

Now for the past few days, he doesn't even hit me up at all and last night I saw he was texting some girl for the first time in a while because he kept sneaking his phone to the side and I asked what do u think about this between me and u and he basically danced around the question saying u mean the song between me and u, I like it, and I was like answer the question but he never answered so I said I got my answer and he was like whatever. But my question is what should I do at this point? Should I leave him alone and let the other girl have him or keep doing what I'm doing now?

More playful than passionate

He supposed to come to my bday celebration next week but I always have to call and remind him that we're meeting up and it gets to be like he doesn't care at all. What should I do at this point? Anonymous I have known and been fairly good friends with this aqua boy since the age of 17, so 5 years and in this past year we had sort of re-connected on the friendship front. Whenever we are at the same venue or place we always come together and have really good chats.

He's told his close friend thats he's been wanting to "be" with me sexually for ages. Now im a commitment phobe so him saying that does not offend me. He had asked my to hang out a few times but it doesnt end up happening, only when we accidently at the same place.

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I dont know what's going on. Im scared to try with this guy because he's so complicated.. Scorpio girl and Leo girl by: Say that his behaviour is making you question whether you want to even be with him anymore. Say what you used to like about him you thought he was cool, sexy and kind. In fact being a little gentle and feminine but strict might work with him.

Don't mention the birthday, just say stop treating me like this. If he does love you, he'll come back for you on your birthday- probably a bit drunk too. X Leo Hi there, I'm afraid he doesn't trust you so he is making excuses to be a bit if a shit in return. Very hard to make an Aquarius man trust you- try making a big change and telling him so, if you want a relationship that a bit more serious and committed try Aqu men are secretly quite traditional. Also, don't badger him or cut him off cold, be honest and caring but careful about yourself. Don't sleep with him.

At last he is back with me!!!! I have had six traumatic months after my aqua man started seeing someone else after 10 years together. I have been very strategic in my plan to get him back. I have not been confrontational, not asked any details about this other woman. I have just shown him interest, love and affection all the things he felt were missing. I knew this was my only chance and that I had to give him a reason to want to be with me.