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The Uses and Limitations of Carbon Dating.

What are the Uses of Carbon Dating? Carbon dating can be used on anything which used to be alive.

Radiocarbon dating

Animal or human remains , including skin , fur and bone. Plant remains , including wood , natural fibres cotton , silk , wool , cloth , rope , seeds and pollen grains. Some fossils can be dated this way if they still contain some of the original carbon of the plant or animal.


What are the Limitations of Carbon Dating? Tom Higham at the University of Oxford says that the age of artifacts more than 50, years old is difficult to pinpoint, as the samples no longer have enough radiocarbon for accurate dating. Experts used radiocarbon dating to pinpoint the age of Stonehenge and other famous sites. Meet Singles in your Area!

Radiocarbon Dating

Contamination Contamination is a huge threat to the accuracy of radiocarbon dating. Carbon Levels Scientists previously believed that the ratio of C radiocarbon to C is constant, but UCSB states that other dating techniques show the ratio has changed over the course of Earth's history. Age Limits Recent samples usually have not decayed enough for an accurate reading.

References University of California at Santa Barbara: More Articles What is Interracial Dating?

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